NICHE offers specialised, personalised services and work in close co-ordination with the clients as Registrars to Issue and Securities Transfer Agents.


  1. Processing of Transfer of Securities in Physical Form
  2. Recording of Change in the form of holding i.e. conversion of physical holding into   electronic holding (Dematerialization and Rematerialization)
  3. Recording of Change of Address, Bank Account Details received from investors of physical shares holdings.
  4. Processing Transmission / Transposition / Consolidation of physical shares holdings.
  5. Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates.
  6. Registration of Nomination of physical shares holdings..
  7. Investor Services including providing investor related information across counters, through written communication and through telephone and via e-mail.
  8. Processing of additional issue of shares like Bonus Issue, Preferentail Issue, pursuant to Merger/De-Merger of Companies, Dividend Payments.


Niche Technologies have established electronic connectivity with both the Depositories i.e. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) and provides electronic connectivity interface to both the listed and unlisted companies for dematerialisation of the company’s securities.

  1. Interacting with NSDL / CDSL for ISIN of the company’s securities for demat.
  2.  Dematerialisation & Rematerialisation of securities.
  3. Carry out Various Corporate Actions for Credit / Debit / Lock-in of securities
  4. Reconciliation of electronic holding.
  5. Interacting with Depository Participants and other entities.



Niche Technologies has acted as Registrar to Initial Public Offers through fixed price process for a number of clients listed on BSE / NSE / CSE / etc. Our IPO registry related services include.

Pre-issue Activities

  1. Sending instructions to Banks for reporting of collection figures and collection & applications
  2. Implement and Customize software system if required.
  3. Facilitate and establish information flow system between clients, Banks and Managers to the issue.
  4. Liaison with Regulatory Authorities such as SEBI & Stock Exchange(s).

Activities during the Issue

  1. Collection and Reporting of daily Collection figures
  2. Collection of Data and Forms from Banks
  3. Liaise with clients and Issue Intermediaries
  4. Redressal of Investor queries

Post Issue Activities

  1. Data capturing & validation
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Provide Allotment Alternatives in consultation with Client / Merchant Banker and Regulatory Authorities.
  4. Facilitating Listing.
  5. Filing of Return of Allotment
  6. Uploading of data to the Depositories for crediting of securities electronically.
  7. Dispatch of Refund orders / Share Certificates / Credit Advise.
  8. Periodic Report submission to Regulatory Authorities.
  9. Reconciliation of Refund payments.
  10. Attending to post issue Investor queries.
  11. Helping Clients to get the 1% refund


Rights Issues

  1. Processing & Printing of Offer Register
  2. Printing & Dispatch of CAF with letter of Offer
  3. Collection of Daily subscription / Final Certificates and Application Form
  4. Data Capture & Preparation of Basis of Allotment
  5. Prepare Allotment Register, Print Share Certificate / Refund Orders
  6. Uploading of data to Depositories for crediting securities electronically
  7. Dispatch Share Certificates / Intimation letters
  8. Facilitate Listing
  9. Filing of Return of Allotment
  10. Reconciliation of Refund payments
  11. Attending to post Issue Investor queries
  12. Periodic submission of Reports to Regulatory Authorities

Bonus Issues

  1. Setting the Record in Depositories
  2. Print & Dispatch of Bonus Share Certificates / Intimation Letters
  3. Upload of data to Depositories for crediting securities electronically
  4. Facilitate Listing
  5. Filing of Return of Allotment
  6. Attending to post Issue Investor queries


  1. Assist Clients at AGM / EOGM / Court Convened Meetings
  2. E-Voting Data Upload
  3. Bulk Emailing
  4. AGM Poll Related Services
  5. Postal Ballot Processing Services
  6. Merger and Demerger Related Services
  7. Sub-Division / Consolidation in Face Value of Shares
  8. Reduction of Capital Related Services
  9. Open Offers, De-Listing and Buyback Processing Services
  10. Private Placement of Bonds / Debentures
  11. Commercial Papers