NICHE offers specialised, personalised services and work in close co-ordination with the clients as Registrars to Issue and Securities Transfer Agents.


We will be functioning as your Registrar & Share Transfer Agent for both physical & depository mode with National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. (CDSL).

The procedure that is being followed is that as soon as we receive the electronic dematerialised request (DRN) from NSDL or CDSL in our systems which are electronically connected with these Depositories, we in turn will check & confirm whether the requests for dematerialisation are valid after usual checking of the Demat Request Form (DRF) attached with share certificates submitted for dematerialisation that were received from various Depository Participants (DPs).

The DRFs and Share Certificates such received (i.e. requests received of both in electronic form received by us from NSDL or CDSL and physical form) from Depository Participants (DPs) will be processed like normal transfers wherein the buyer is NSDL or CDSL and seller is the client who wishes to dematerialise the shares; and subsequently Registrar of Members maintained by us has to be updated before confirming the same. The details of dematerialised shares (i.e.transfer register of shares shown as transferred to NSDL & CDSL) has to be provided on quarterly basis to the stock exchanges wherein the company shares are listed.

Thereafter the dematerialisation requests shall be electronically confirmed by us to NSDL or CDSL who in turn will electronically intimate the status to the respective Depository Participants (DPs) which will be reflected in the statement of holdings provided periodically by DPs to their respective depository account holders. Rejection of Demat Requests (DRN) are also alike normal transfer rejections made, wherein the rejected DRFs with share certificates are to be returned to respective DPs, after indications of rejections for electronically confirming with appropriate rejections, the Demat Request (DRNs) received by us from NSDL or CDSL electronically.

The statutory reports of Beneficial Owners (i.e. Shareholders of demat shares) provided by us are Pattern of Holdings, Top (upto 200) Holders List, Complete Holders Detail List and any MIS information feasible from the NSDL/CDSL downloaded master files.


On receiving any correspondence it is segregated by Data-Control Incharge into different units and under each unit as requests for transfers, transmissions, transposition, fully-paid endorsement, split/consolidation/duplicate issue of Certificates, change of address, deletion of name, receipt of call money, other letters, etc., and after inwarding into the Computer the generated Inward No. and receipt date is put on the documents and then forwarded to the different units incharge for appropriate action.

The Transfer-Deeds are thoroughly scrutinised for essential information required therein and the transferor(s) signature(s) are cross-checked with the specimen signature(s) kept in the records. The Bad Deliveries, if any are segregated first to be returned to the transferees under a covering letter stating appropriate reason(s) for Bad Delivery thereof.

The valid Transfer-Deeds are first filled up with existing/new Folio No. of the transferee and then entered on-line where-in several auto-validations with the existing masters are executed by the system and any descripancy/stop-transfer-shares are immediately known for taking prompt steps. The fully okay transfer-deeds are processed and transfer numbers generated for each valid deed. The Transfer Register, Movement Register & any other MIS reports required are prepared well in advance to be sent to the company for approval by the Board of Directors/ Transfer Committee.

On receiving the approval of Transfers the requisite Back Endorsement on the Certificate(s) are done, authorised signature endorsed and despatched under appropriate covering letter to the transferee. The transfer-deeds are then duly filled in with the corresponding transfer numbers & transfer date.

All other work & queries relating to transfers, transmissions, transposition, fully-paid endorsement, split/consolidation/ duplicate issue of Certificates, change of address, deletion of name, receipt of call money, registration of POA, etc. are attended expeditiously by the Unit Incharge after receiving the same from inward section.

Proper, adequate scrutiny, verification for authenticity, necessary enclosures & formalities fulfilled are observed before every reply & redressal is done on-line on Computer and stored therein as database with reference to initial inward number allocated.

As such the future reference & retrieval anytime is facilitated and becomes easy & fast to facilitate the AGM necessary reports like attendance register, proxy register, members index, etc. are prepared & maintained. The assignment incharge is deputed at the site of AGM to help management and to take care of any queries related to our assignment.

Annual Returns with Annexures for ROC and Distribution Schedule with Annexures for Stock-Exchanges are provided.

Processing and printing of Dividend/Interest Register & Warrants, TDS Register & Certificates, etc. and other related jobs are also undertaken.